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Neuro physiotherapists have advanced training in understanding human movement and the neuroscience that governs it. We offer expertise in consultation, assessment and treatment to improve body movement following an injury or disease of the nervous system.

Neurological conditions including stroke, brain injury (including concussion), spinal cord injury, MS, Parkinsons & other movement disorders can benefit from targeted programs to maximize the potential for recovery of quality and efficient movement.

Treatments can address problems with mobility, balance, dizziness, fitness, upper limb & hand use, activities of daily living, tone, pain & other disabling issues.

Vestibular conditions resulting in dizziness, vertigo & altered balance respond well to individualized programs that differentiate various causes and provide specific treatments and/or habituation programs.

The field of concussion rehabilitation has advanced dramatically over the last number of years. Having an experienced therapist's guidance on strategies to most effectively progress through persistent symptoms can be invaluable.


Registered massage therapy services are available to compliment neurophysio treatments or as a therapeutic tool for spouse/caregiver. Discuss this option with Robert or visit  for more information.

dawn of each new day is an opportunity...


I have never met a nervous system that did not have the potential for change! Neuroplasticity exists in all of us. Our system is listening and learning every moment of every day. Sometimes it learns bad habits, sometimes it can be guided through challenge to learn a movement that brings back efficiency.

Through miraculous integration of systems of reception and movement control we are equipped with refined tools to explore and navigate our lives, taking for granted our infinite complexity. With injury and disease we are forced to listen, to be aware, and to demand for each moment a better way,,, a more  efficient way.

Never give up demanding more...

the path is not always well marked...

I feel fortunate to be involved with individuals who must navigate very challenging life events. It is my passion to be my best in all skills as a neuro-physiotherapist to facilitate this.

​That I may help guide people to challenge themselves, challenge the limits of their physical issues to move forward on their path.

When I am able to witness someone achieving a goal, surprising themselves, impressing a loved one with their achievement, I am in awe of how fragile but tenacious & miraculous we  are.


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