tele - health

Instructions for accessing Tele-Health.
Existing clients - please use your existing 'Jane' account user name and password. The button below will take you to online booking.
New clients - use the button below to be directed to my online booking site 'Jane'. You will only have the option to add your name to my wait list. Myself or my admin staff will be in touch with you about wait times.
As of 21Mar2020 Insurer's covering Tele-Health include:
WSBC; ICBC, Canada Life (incl GWL); Sunlife; Pacific Blue Cross (not for initial assessments or Policy 50000)

To begin your Tele-Health appointment:


1. Click on the blue button below AT YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT TIME to be connected to your session.

2. You may be asked to 'open' - just click the button. If on iPhone or iPad you may be prompted to download the zoom app

3. You may have to agree to usage of your computer microphone and camera

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